'a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination'

A small-batch artisan candle company designed to enchant and not cost the earth.
Premium and sustainable materials harmoniously combine to create timeless, elegant, and eco-friendly candlelit experiences that introduce exclusive fragrances that you can revisit again and again.

The Collections

About Us

An eco-luxe candle company whose aim is to create a magic capsule within every space with our hand-blended fragrances and signature glass jar. A romantic holiday, a warm welcome, a delicious memory, an intimate tale.

We source products that are made from sustainable resources, are recyclable or bio-degradable, and always strive to reduce our carbon footprint. We take full advantage of sunny Western Australia, and the power supplied to the Alchimie workshop is graciously provided by the sun. If there is any room for improvement in sustainability, we peruse it.

Pleasing in every way, we welcome you to enjoy a luxury sensory experience that doesn't cost the earth. We invite you to explore more about us below, where we delve deeper into what makes Alchimie truly enchanting.


"It's easy to tell that a lot of love, time and effort went into these gorgeous candles. The scent is yummy and warm and travels through the home. I love the presentation of the beautiful glass, the wood wick and the eco-friendly cork lid. Looking forward to more from Alchimie :)."

Danika, WA

"île Tropicale is another beautiful scent from Alchimie. It is a shame it is only a limited release fragrance. As it is with all Alchimie candles, the scent from burning a single île Tropicale is strong enough to fill the whole house. However, it is still subtle and delicate giving a more natural aroma, rather than smelling like air freshener as many other inferior candles do."

Kingsley, WA

"An absolutely gorgeous scent! Hot or cold, take a deep breath in and you'll instantly be in Paris! There aren't many immersive scents where you can hear things as well as see them, but as I said in my title, it's so French I can practically hear the accordions playing!"

Annalise, VIC