Our Values


& you

You, are the most important part in our story. Without you, we would not be able to share our love, magic, and enchantment that Alchimie set out to create. And it is you who deserve nothing but the finest. Our candles are made from premium materials that are not only sustainable, but evoke a sense of luxury and indulgence. Our artisanal candles are lovingly made in coastal Western Australia, are designed to transport your senses, and emanate magic.


& Eco-friendly

Our coconut soy wax, wicks, fragrance, lids, packaging, shipping materials and shipping have all been hand-selected to support the brands sustainable and eco-friendly ethos.  We believe that luxuries such as candles do not have to cost the earth, so we are mindful of the impact we make with production. These values do not compromise the quality of our products as we always seek to use only the finest materials to craft our candles.


& Re-love

Chosen for their luxury aesthetic, the Luxe Alchimie glass boasts a cut crystal effect, perfect for the shimmering glow of candlelight. After 50+ hours of burning your favourite fragrance, we encourage you to re-love your candle vessels. The Tous Les Jours tins also make a perfect airtight storage container. Click the link below to learn how to clean your candle vessel and some ideas on how to re-love.

How do we create luxury that does not cost the earth?

The Luxury Glass Jar & Tin

Our luxurious cut crystal style glass vessels were chosen because of their elegance, luxury look and feel, and re-loveability. Once your candle has run out, we hope you give your glass jar a new life. Our glasses are double-tempered and dishwasher safe and hope to become an everyday joy long after their first magical use. The tins from the Tous Les Jours Collection are a light and fully recyclable making them a wonderful eco-friendly option. Find out more about how to clean your candle jar and discover re-loveable ideas here.

The Wicks

We use high quality double ply rosewood wicks which create an even and clean burn. The steady burn and delicate crackle of a wooden wick creates a calm and ambient space, as well as the beautiful release of fragrance. Wood wicks produce less soot and burn for longer without emitting harmful toxins which is always a plus. 

Our cotton wicks are also chemical- and lead-free ensuring no toxins are released during burning. 

And don't forget to always keep your wicks trimmed.

The Coconut Soy Wax

Our unique coconut soy wax blend is 100% sustainable, biodegradable, plant-based, vegan friendly, and Australia made. Our wax is sourced from a reputable supplier who aligns with our values to protect the environment and use eco-friendly shipping materials. Although the price of wax continuously increases, in order to maintain sustainability, Alchimie will always source the finest quality wax, and never compromise on quality or blends.

The Fragrance

Alchimie use premium, high quality fragrance oils, all meeting industry standards for use, safety, and enjoyment. Our fragrance suppliers have partnered with an industry employer for people with disabilities, providing opportunities for participation in employment and training during the processing of the fragrances, such as bottling and warehouse operations. 

The fragrance notes in your candles are divided into three classes;
Top: The scents that we are initially captivated by and are smelt before the candle is lit, and at the start of the first burn. These scents reach our sense of smell first, will be light, fresh, floral, and lead into the heart notes.
Heart: The slow heating of the wax welcomes the heart notes, which provide the body and warmth of a candle. These notes are usually still floral, however often mingle with spicy and oriental scents as the fragrance evolves and becomes more complex, showing the fragrances true character and complementing the other fragrance notes.
Base: Last but not least, the base notes. These scents are usually woody, heavy, and creamy fragrances that harmonise with the top notes, creating a solid and lasting foundation for the fragrance over days, weeks, and even months.

Our fragrances cannot be found anywhere else as they have been hand-blended to enchant and transport you to another time or place. Some notes you will pick up more than others, and you may find yourself attracted to a subtle fragrance within our artisanal fragrance range that you simply can not get enough of.

The Cork Lids

What makes a perfect candle lid?

  • Sustainable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Handmade
  • Charming

We proudly sourced the eco-conscious artist at Cork.it to create the signature Alchimie lid. Made of 100% cork, our lids not only protect your new candle from dust and protect your furniture from heat damage when placed underneath your lit candle, but are also the most eco-friendly option available.
Finished with your candle? Recycle, compost, or use the lid as a coaster with your new Alchimie glass.

The Packaging

We want to create an enjoyable and luxury unboxing experience, without compromising our precious earth. With the help of our eco-ecommerce focused partners, your candle arrives lovingly package in materials that are sustainable, and kind to our earth:

  • Candle boxes - water-based ink, eco-friendly, sustainable, made from recycled material, recyclable
  • Tissue paper - acid free, sustainable, made from recycled material, recyclable, compostable
  • Stickers - thermal printed or water based ink, sustainable, eco-friendly, recyclable and compostable
  • Shipping boxes - made from recycled or plant-based materials, recyclable, compostable
  • Packing tape - natural starch adhesive, made from recycled materials, recyclable, compostable
  • Gift cord - made from 100% organic hemp, biodegradable, keep and use for your own gifting
  • Shipping labels - thermal printed, compostable (will take slightly longer), sustainable alternative
  • Ecomailers - plant-based, biodegradable and compostable
  • Hex parcel wrapping - sustainable, recyclable, compostable
  • Candle warning label - made from recycled material, recyclable
  • Business and thank you card - made from recycled material, recyclable

The Shipping

Your parcels are sent using carbon neutral delivery providers and the excess carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere as a result of purchasing your new luxury candle will be offset. This is important as increased carbon dioxide concentrations negatively impact our climate by contributing to the effects of global warming. A 100% carbon neutral delivery is done through ‘offsetting’, where the highest possible carbon generated from the delivery is calculated to give a ‘carbon yield number’. Using the carbon yield number as a guide, the emission is neutralised by funding a project to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions. Emissions as a result of delivery are invested in carbon offset projects following emissions calculated through Climate Active. Our initiatives means that together we are restoring and preserving our precious ecosystems.

Meet the face behind Alchimie

Thank you for taking the time to explore the world of Alchimie.

We began our journey in the Spring of 2022 where we set out to create an enchanting and luxury sensory experience; the simple pleasure of lighting a candle, basking in the warmth of its glow, and breathing in the alluring fragrance that surrounds and envelopes you. We understand the importance of taking a moment for yourself, and living in each precious moment.

Biochemist turned chandler, Alchimie founder Victoria has spent a lot of time reading and writing by candlelight, and understands the magical potential in such simple pleasures. Science meets nature through the skillful combination of luxury materials to create an enchanting and sensorial experience worth cherishing.

The hardest and most rewarding challenge to overcome was to create a range that does not negatively impact our world, but does not compromise on quality or experience. There's no better time than the present to increase mindfulness around how we treat our land and waterways, and with your help, we hope to make even the smallest difference.

A luxury experience awaits with our much loved artisanal range of uniquely fragranced coconut soy candles. The brand evokes a sense of timeless elegance, of chic interlude and charming wonder, without costing the earth.

It was with this in mind, that Alchimie was born - here's to creating magic.