The Discovery Collection


Fragrances are personal, and it can be daunting trying to choose a single scent online, without having the luxury of smelling the range.

Discover the World of Alchimie with our luxury try before you buy experience.

The Discovery Collection includes:

Seven fragrances from the Luxe Signature Collection

Island Wayfarer | Parisian Florist | Pantry Staple | Offshore | Into the Woods | The Bungalow | Sunset Isles

  • Seven (7) tins containing the Luxe Signature fragrances
  • 40 grams each
  • Coconut soy wax
  • Chemical-free cotton wick
  • 10 hour burn time each
  • Biodegradable label made from sugarcane waste
  • Recyclable or re-loveable tins
  • Fragrance menu made from recycled paper and is recyclable and biodegradable
  • Acid free recyclable and biodegradable tissue paper