How to perfectly burn your candle

  • Your new candle has already been trimmed to the perfect length
  • Before your first light, make sure the candle is allowed to burn for at least 3 hours, to allow the melt pool to reach the edges of the glass
  • Hold candle at 45 degrees, and add flame source to the bottom of the wood wick until lit and makes it way up the wick before leveling and placing onto your protected surface
  • Avoid drafts and moving your candle once lit
  • Do not burn for longer than 4 hours (1.5 hours for sample size)
  • Before next burn, trim the wick to 3mm using wick trimmers, or what we find reliable are nail clippers, and light the candle as outlined above
  • Store your candle in a cool and dry place, avoiding direct sunlight
  • Only replace cork lid once the candle has reached room temperature
  • Don't forget to take a deep breath, and let there be magic

Candle Tips & Tricks

Disposing of your packing

Unsure of what to do with your candles packaging? We have put a lot of thought into the packing you receive, and would love if you disposed of it in the most environmentally friendly way. We invite you to explore more on how to dispose of the packing on the 'About Us' page, and simply scroll down to "The Packaging" dropdown menu


You may notice what looks like wet patches in your candle. This has no impact on the burn quality, life, or scent throw of your candle, this is simply the wax pulling away from the glass due to changes in temperature. When the wax is warm, it expands - and when it cools, it shrinks. We always aim for you to receive your candle flawless, and with full adhesion, however we cannot control environmental factors, especially in beautiful Australia

Avoid drafts

Never place your candles in a drafty position. To ensure a slow, even burn, and to avoid tunnelling, always place your candle in a still positon where the candles flame can burn steadily and encourage a long and magical life for your candle

Lighting your candle

We recommend using a rechargeable lighter to light our sample size candles as this prevents blackening of the glass when using a conventional flame lighter. You can purchase our rechargeable lighters which do not create an open flame, therefore leaving your candles soot-free and sparkling. We encourage you to use our lighters on any other candles as they are eco-friendly, and do not cost the earth

Wick crackle

Our wooden wicks are made from sustainable rosewood, and do not crackle like it's friend the cherry wood wick. Our wicks do however have a subtle and occasional crackle. Just like a tiny campfire, little pockets of moisture are heated, and as the cellulose is broken down, small pockets of steam is formed. As the pressure in these pockets build up and weaken the surrounding wood, the steam is finally able to burst out from the wood creating the spontaneous crackles

After burning

The melted layer of wax at the surface of your soy candle will discolour to a honey cream colour - this is completely normal for wooden wicks. This natural reaction occurs from burning when there are no chemicals or dyes in the wax

Candle Safety

  • Do not leave your burning candle unattended
  • Keep out of reach of children, pets, and materials that can catch fire
  • Do not use cork lid , or water to extinguish flame
  • Do not handle when candle is lit, hot, or with liquid wax
  • The candles glass container will be hot to touch, do not handle when candle is lit, hot, or with liquid wax
  • Ensure you place the candle on stable and heat protected surface
  • Avoid drafty areas as this will disrupt the flame and impair the melt pool

Candle jars that want to be re-loved

How to clean your candle

Now that your candle has reached the end of it's life, it is time to give your glass jar a new one.
For cleaning, we recommend filling a small sauce pan with an inch or two of water, and place on the stove on low heat. Place the candle in the saucepan and allow to slowly heat up. Once you see the wax has melted (this will not take long as soy wax has a low melting point), ensure that the top of the glass is not too hot for handling before discarding the remaining soy into the bin. Remove the metal wick base and sticker with your hands or a butterknife, and wipe away excess wax from the glass with a paper towel. Add some hot soapy water to the glass jar and ensure all residue is removed. At this point the warning sticker should be easy to remove, if not, you can soak in hot water or vinegar.


Re-love Inspiration

Favourite Beverage

From cocktails to whiskey, tea to coffee, or simply fresh water - our glasses look beautiful no matter what is in them. They are heat resistant, and dishwasher safe making them practical, and enchanting.

Vase or cuttings

Perfect little vase for fresh florals or cuttings that will add some comfort and luxury to any space. Roses, natives, lush folliage or cuttings, your re-loved candle jar will sparkle with joy.


An elegant addition for any storage solution, whether it's for makeup brushes, stationary, toothbrushes, cotton tips and balls, napkins, keys, or even a new home to burn your tealights.