Luxe Signature Collection


An eco-luxury candle made with premium and sustainable materials. Turkish glass designed to be re-loved, and unique hand-blended fragrances make them one of a kind. Pleasing in every way, we welcome you to explore the Luxe Signature collection for a true sensorial experience that doesn't cost the earth. 

Explore our exclusive fragrance Collection below

The Candle:

  • 250 grams
  • Coconut soy wax
  • Cherry wood wick
  • 40 hour burn time
  • Biodegradable label and eco-friendly box
  • Custom handmade cork lids
  • Unique hand-blended fragrances
  • Re-loveable & refillable Turkish glass
  • Please note that the box states "soy wax", however, the wax is coconut soy

Luxe Signature Collection Fragrance Menu

Into the Woods

Petitgrain, green accord, fennel 

Peony, herbal nuances, aniseed 

Cedarwood, forest pines, truffle, musk

The tall trees shelter me from the late morning sun, where only slivers of sunlight can sneak past the dense canopy. The sweet and earthy scents of the woods fill my lungs as the dewy foliage rustles beneath my feet. A nearby stream and the sing-song of woodland birds create a magical symphony only this newly discovered world can create. The wind carries a subtle floral fragrance along with a hint of aniseed as I venture further into the woods. The unmistakably warm scent of cedarwood and pine has not gone unnoticed as I stumble across a picnic table surrounded by lush ferns. Overhead, light globes scallop from one tree across to the next, creating a warm glowing shelter. The air in these enchanted woods is rich with ozone and holds a sweet nuance. The perfect spot for a picnic.

Island Wayfarer

Lime, pineapple, beach grass

Orange flower, coconut, lemon myrtle

Driftwood, vanilla

The best way to explore is by foot, and sometimes, by boat. I take the last sip of my pineapple breeze cocktail, and settle my gaze towards the shoreline, where my small dinghy awaits. I am grateful for finding such a charming cafè on my journey to quench my thirst, however, another island beckons. I pass a small coconut stall as I make my way towards the water's edge, and the air is filled with the scent of orange blossom and lemon myrtle. I am completely enchanted, and although I am tempted to walk along the shore and collect souvenirs along the water, there is still much to see, and I board my floating explorer. The finger lime trees dance in the breeze as I set sail to yet another island, almost as if waving me a fond farewell, while my heart creates space for more memories yet to come.


Aquatic, sea salt, blood orange

Orange blossom, water lily, jasmine

Floral musk, cedarwood

Clear blue waters lead to the horizon, the fresh salty air softly caress my body, and coastal florals evoke a sense of calm and tranquility. Weightless in the water, I float on the salt rich waters of the Adriatic, momentarily fading the sound of the waves and gulls on the shore. The breeze carries an invigorating scent of luxurious orange blossom and jasmine, creating a bouquet of coastal wonder. As my feet find the sand once more, I am grounded by the earth which is embellished with shells and driftwood from the surrounding seascape. I feel light and warm at the same time, letting the ocean breeze dry the salty water on my skin, my body and soul soothed from the calming waters. Until next time, when the pull of the ocean is once again too strong to resist.

Pantry Staple

Orange almond, aldehydes

Iced chestnut, ginger, nutmeg

Vanilla bean, cinnamon, buttercream

The warm golden glow of twinkle lights act as a beacon to the heart of my home. An elusive night owl, I am in the mood for something sweet and comforting. As I step into my charmingly lit kitchen and open my pantry door, I am greeted by a warm nutty aroma before being swept away by the enticingly spicy aromatics of ginger and nutmeg. My stomach gives a small rumble as my delicious gourmand ideas take shape. The twinkle lights sparkle and dance off the kitchen countertop as the space fills with the sweet scent of spices, I cherish such quiet and magical moments at home. With a final flourish of vanilla maple buttercream, my taste in decadence and luxury comes to life. Now warm, satisfied and perfectly contented, I pad into my soft cosy bed, and dream of tonight's leftovers.

Parisian Florist

Garden greens, bergamot, coffee

Lavender, rose, peony

Musk, vanilla, espresso

It’s market day in Paris, and my only desire is to lose myself amongst the fragrant coffee and fresh cut florals. The sunshine warms my face as I venture across the Seine towards the market. I admire the black and white striped floral stands as the warm air brings with it the fresh green scent of fougère. I lean in towards the blooms, and with a smile, breathe in the luscious fragrance of rose and peonies, noticing a bumble bee with a similar motive, landing softly on the abundant French lavender. With my bright bouquet bundled safely in my arms, my scenes are once again enveloped by the sweet smell of coffee emanating from a little corner café. To my pleasure, I find myself sipping a creamy café au lait, wondering what else the day has in store.

Sunset Isles

Citrus, berries, peppercorn

Jasmine, orange blossom, coconut

Musk, vetiver, amber, vanilla

As the sun sets, I follow a winding path from the beach towards the resort, and the balmy summer air is filled with the fresh creamy scents of citrus and berries. My body is completely at ease as I drift through the pool area, the calm water reflecting the sky's purple and orange hues. With an abundance of gratitude, I slowly make my way back to my villa to prepare for my seaside dinner, taking in the lush blooms of jasmine and orange blossom along the way. I bathe under the running water of my outdoor waterfall shower in the light of twilight, now feeling cool and refreshed. I apply my favourite fragrance - a scent that will now forever remind me of my tropical getaway. My table is intimate and inviting, and I savour every moment. I am captivated by the moon's reflection on the water, as the scent of musk and amber swirl around me in blissful waves, carried by the warm ocean breeze. 

The Bungalow

Bergamot, tobacco, davana 

Bourbon, clove, ginger, cinnamon 

Leather, patchouli, vanilla, cedarwood 

Secluded, surrounded by mother nature, and all the creature comforts I could possibly imagine - my bungalow awaits. As I unlock the door, I am welcomed by the refined scent of bergamot and the sweet warmth of tobacco. I notice the crisp air around me and promptly pour a glass of my favourite bourbon, light a smoldering fire, and get reacquainted with my charming abode. The bungalow always exudes the familiar and spicy scents of ginger and cinnamon, and as I inhale the comforting aromas, I slowly feel the tension in my body melt away. I settle into my leather armchair with a good book, and stretch my legs out onto the cedarwood coffee table, marveling at the view in front of me. The lush green trees stand proud and tall all around my hidden bungalow, keeping me safe, and grounding my soul.